Terrors ………. Most common one is I am pinned down and can’t move while another figure is going to stab Ann and Owen .Giant spiders all over the room , being shot and being stuck on a hospital bed next to Owen then the figures start cutting owen . Lions in the room . In my room and I know or I think I know that I am in danger I don’t know what the danger is ? it’s just a feeling a terrifying feeling that I can’t describe , faceless black figures dragging me down the street and I end up somewhere random ! I see vividly and wonder why no one can see what I see ? The more night terrors I have the more tired I am and vice versa the more terrifying one was , the longer I lie awake for nights terrified to go to sleep , the more exhausted I get !Talking to people is really making me feel weak and exhausted . Sleep walking and waking up in random places sometimes crying , sometimes just really confused and sometimes I am back in bed and can remember being somewhere just not sure where ? The other night I was being attacked and I found myself running and then rummaging through the cutlery drawer looking for a knife two nights in a row . Just writing this down makes me feel , I’m not sure . Fear , terror it’s a horrible sick feeling and it’s always there because I always have to go to bed !!

Thanks Me

Writing just keeps me hanging on … ( lots of notes )

Taken in aggregate, a small bump in the road can easily be understood as something which would prompt somebody to commit suicide. While you might say to somebody who’s lost their job “just get another job” it’s actually much more complicated than that: most people are only one or two unfortunate and mostly unintentional (Continue reading “Writing just keeps me hanging on … ( lots of notes )”