The problem you have

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Hi i am a 49 year old plumber who ran his own business for years happily married for 27 years and one 22 year old son recently had a breakdown ended up in hospital dignosed with a severe depression this blog is my journey day to day

5 thoughts on “The problem you have

  1. Hello Richy, sorry to hear things are still so tough. This post is a good thing as it highlights that there is nothing but kindness, compassion and love for you – as i can see you can recognise that (even though your depression tells you otherwise). I saw a great post unrelated to your illness today but to anxiety. It said ‘Your anxiety is lying to you!’ And for me your depression is lying to you. Your family and friends do love and care for you deeply. Keep holding onto your wee lights. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  2. Hi Amanda nice to hear from you again how are you , well I hope . You know it’s funny your the only person that ever leaves a comment and I have only met you a couple times , tells me what a kind , caring person you are thanks for caring it really means a lot 🙏❤️ unfortunately I suffer from really bad anxiety as well and as the psychiatrist says they kind of feed each other fighting over my sanity it seems with me stuck in the middle ! I will keep holding on to my wee lights and one bright one my new grandson . Lots of love Richy ❤️❤️

    1. Hello Richy, and nice to hear from you. I am good thank you 😊 I know we have only met a couple of times but you are a top chap and you were very welcoming to me. Christine loves you so much and that shines through. ❤️ That is kind of you to say. Just thought it is nice to reach out and say you are being heard. I get where you are coming from re anxiety. I’m not anywhere near your level but do suffer from health anxiety. I have started reading The Speakmans book on anxiety as they have worked with a variety of people that range from a frog phobia 🐸😂to people involved in terrorist attacks. They are often on ITV’s This Morning. An unconventional but sensible approach to tackling negative learned thought processes. They have a Facebook page and are on YouTube. They are just warm, approachable and speak sense – a little kooky too. I’ve just seen how they have helped such traumatised people. Of course I know you have such a complex condition but just thought I would highlight something that could help a little (don’t want to undermine any work with your professionals). I have booked a days workshop with them in Bristol in November) – they are doing a few around the country so will see! You must be so proud of your new grandson, he is beautiful – a big shining light! Take care and remember there is so much love from your family – they sound pretty awesome to me! Lots of love Amanda 😊❤️ Xx

      1. Hi Amanda thanks I’m glad your well , the anxiety I’m pretty sure whatever level it is at it is hell for you ! I would love to give you a magic wand to cure it as I understand how painful it is and I hope you can find some kind of control for your anxiety , you know it is nice to know someone is hearing me . Keeps logging away and I will do the same at my end ❤️ xx

      2. Hey Richy, thank you. I really can’t compare to your pain but appreciate your kind comments. Mine is health anxiety. We just will keep chipping away! ❤️ Meanwhile go and get a big cuddle from your gorgeous grandson! 😊💕xx

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