Worst End to the Worst Year

Hi .

As you all will know this has been a terrible year for not only myself but all my family friends and mostly my wife and my son , they have had to live with my illness and because of it they have been put through the wringer emotionally and I’m sure physically and up til now my ongoing mental instability . I have missed and ruined so much for people this year , my mums birthday , brothers birthday my wife’s birthday ,family Christmas , Boxing Day with my wife ! Ruined New Years Eve and pretty much kicked the fun out of all of it one way or another ! and I have put so many people through so much emotional turmoil and worry and for that I apologise with all my heart unreservedly.

This is not a I’m feeling sorry for myself this is my tribute to my awesome wife and son , my sisters Christine and Jo , my mum Vi , my brothers in law Dave and Matt , wee cousin Angie who texts every day religiously with Stevie , Frankie , Jane and all my friends that came out of the woodwork to offer support and have lifted me with a kind word on many an occasion , I am truly blessed and in brutal bluntness would not be on this earth writing this if it were not for all taking that bit time out to care .

So in short 2019 is gone a new decade begins and all things being well and with the love and support of my what I think of as my own personal band of angels sitting on my shoulders , I can beat this illness this depression and get back to allowing them to get on with there normal lives again . That is my New Year Wish .

So Happy New Year one and all ! I do not have a thank you big enough and none will ever know the extent of my gratitude but I can humbly say you are all extraordinary human beings and I am proud and honoured to call you my Wife ( best pal ) my Son , my Family and friends .

I wish you all the happiness in the world and a Happy New Year .

From me ….. xxxx

And not forgetting my Abbie and Emma just cos they make me feel happy and they’re thee best nieces I could ever have hoped for xxx

Published by sinook01

Hi i am a 49 year old plumber who ran his own business for years happily married for 27 years and one 22 year old son recently had a breakdown ended up in hospital dignosed with a severe depression this blog is my journey day to day

3 thoughts on “Worst End to the Worst Year

  1. Happy New Year, don’t put pressure on yourself. Treasure the little moments to help you keep focussed 😊 xxx

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